About Us


Born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba Japan. After high school she attended Tokyo’s prestigious Nikon University and studied photography. Her natural talents were enhanced resulting in a highly flexible photographer with a dedication to perfection that all good Japanese photographers are renowned for. Shooting at the highest levels in Japan from celebrity portraits, underwater, food and product and with 15 years experience with many Japanese publications including cook books, travel guide books, and magazines, Hiroko brings a wealth of experience and a high level of skill to every photographic job she attends. Further studies at college in English have allowed her to shoot in many countries professionally and with this her style has developed to be highly adaptable, allowing clients to get the shots that they want.



Developing an interest in photography at the age of 16, Jason’s first camera was an old Olympus 35mm given to him by his grandfather. Working at a newspaper in Brisbane on weekends Jason funded his love of cycling and photography. Shooting mainly abstract industrial equipment in low light black and white.
After a long break he started shooting again on a Minolta SLR at the age of 30 and later a Pentax SLR film before breaking into Digital in 2004 when meeting his Daniel Chabierski who mentored him and helped him to develop his skills in a professional environment. Jason’s photography has been one of self discovery and later direction in skills by Daniel to form a photographic style that seeks to capture candid real life and natural beauty. Capturing life in every form is the prime goal of his work, to inspire the emotion held by the photographer at the time of taking the shot and giving that to the viewer.



Jason & Hiroko met after Jason travelled to Japan in 2009 and they quickly developed a respect and love of each others photographic difference. Learning from each other they grew together quickly and married in 2010. Today that shoot both apart and together and continue to grow in their love of photography. Hiroko still travels overseas shooting professionally and when together both photographers often share shoots and provide clients with a unique dual perspective of the same shoot.